5 ways to be positively different in your real estate investment business

Why all this talk about real statement investment businesses?

Maybe because it’s top of mind.

I just helped a friend write some new copy for his own “I’ll buy your house for cash” business in Texas.

Here’s what I’m sure of right now.

There are tens of thousands of those kinds of businesses, and they all promise almost the same thing.

It’s some variation of “sell to me, I have money, and then you can relax.”

Of course, when you’re one in 10,000, it’s hard to sell someone on that.

Maybe the thing to do is not to sell at all.

Maybe the thing to do is just to position yourself to be positively different.

How to be positively different

Let’s start with what’s hard about doing this.

The first thing we know is that being an investor and offering someone money for something isn’t, by itself, all that unique.

When you say you buy houses for cash, that’s not special.

When you say you buy houses fast for cash, and have great customer service, that’s also not special.

You’re leaving the entire fate of your business up to Google and chance.

Would it be a bad idea to come up with additional ways to make yourself unique?

Let’s look at some options.

#1 Offer a money back guarantee

Not many people dare do this. The basic idea is that you give people up to 30 days to get their property back if they get buyer’s remorse.

If they come back to you after 30 days and return the money, you return the deed to their home.

The risk to you is that some of your deals don’t get done as fast as you’d like.

The benefit to your customers is huge. They can continue shopping for better offers. They can change their minds. They can feel safer doing business with you.

#2 Offer someone a massage. Or a vacation.

Another bonus is to appeal to someone’s desire for comfort. We all know that selling your home is stressful.

What if you offer to help people with that?

You could offer a gift certificate for a free massage.

You could offer someone an all expenses paid cruise.

You might protest, “But that reduces my profit margin!”

Sure it does. And who else is offering that right now?

Is it unreasonable to believe that you might so impress your clients that word spreads fast?

Being different doesn’t have to be as hard as you think, once you’re willing to *think*.

#3 Specialize

Most of the “we’ll buy your house for cash” sites have a laundry list situations in which they claim to help.

They’ll go through a list such as “death in the family, divorce, moving, bad tenants, tornados, water damage….”

Clients will always give you more credibility if you’re willing to specialize.

So what if you become *the* “sell my house after a divorce” person?

By turning away some customers, you *attract* those who want what you specialize in.

This is not rocket science.

It feels scary to do.

That’s why most people have trouble with that.

They want everyone to be their customer.

They’re too scared to say, “I help YOU.”

#4 Give to charity

What do you think happens when you donate a portion of the profit from every deal to charity, and you let your customers know about that?

You become a way for people to become charitable givers.

And hey, that feels good.

Most of us, deep down, like to do good because it feels good.

And you make that easy for us, then we’re more likely to do that.

#5 Combine services

This is where you can really shine.

What if you offer to buy houses for cash… and help people secure low interest college loans?

What if you buy houses for cash… and help people with reliable and low cost moving?

What if you buy houses for cash… and connect people with professional counseling to help them get through a rough patch in their lives?

What if you buy houses for cash… and connect people with professional money managers who can help them invest their money?

You’re only limited by what you’re willing or not willing to try.


When it comes to real estate investors, almost no one is being creative.

That is incredibly good news for you, because that means it’s going to be easy for you to stand out.

And standing out will be how you get word of mouth referrals.

That will decrease your reliance on Google for new business.

You’ll grow organically, the old fashioned way, through one person telling another.

Is that a bad thing to have?

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